Club de Tenis Gandia

Club de Tenis Gandia is the Tennis Club of the city of Gandia. For a further assistance were commissioned to partners the development of the web, taking into account the potential needs of its partners. After the study, it was determined that it was important to separate the web oriented to adults and, on the other hand, to differentiate the children’s section. Similarly, all the facilities and activities of the Club were boosted, and visibility was given to the Orysol Championship of tennis, international, creating a cover interface different home during the week in which the Championship develops.

Client: Club de Tenis Gandia
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Club de Tenis Gandia , on its 50th anniversary, requested the development of an audiovisual product Memorial to remember all its directors and, at the same time, the evolution and the great achievements during this significant period. He was conceptualized a multimedia video – gift, which allowed to remember the event to all its affiliates and present at the event, and, which could see in their homes through any device: TV or computer.

Client: Club de Tenis Gandia
Categories: Brand strategy | Copywriter | Brand Identity | Multimedia

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